Student Council

Student councils are established at universities by basing on Articles 7 and 65 of Higher Education Law Number 2457 and Regulation dated 04/11/1981 of the Council of Higher Education.

The purpose of such regulation comprises of meeting requirements of those associate and undergraduate students registered before the institutions of higher education in Turkey regarding training, health, sports and culture-related needs and attending to their rights towards development of the same, enabling them to become sensitive towards national interests, upon establishing an effective communication by and between the management bodies of higher education institutions and the students, conveying the expectations and wishes of the students to such management bodies and ensuring that students participate in decisions concerning training and education, including organizing the foundation, duties, authorities as well as operating principles of the Higher Education Institutions Student Councils as well as such Higher Education Institutions National Student Council to represent the former at national and international levels.

Student Council formed as a result of students in all departments of our University electing their own representatives, and then by such faculty representatives elected in turn by the department representatives so elected, ensure and provide for the relations by and between the students and administration within framework of the concept of creating a democratic and free university ambient; operations of which are supported by Health, Culture and Sports Directorate.

Members of Council